AMS's quality-environment and safety policy

Second best is not good enough.
Always make the best use of materials!
Always make the best treatment to environment!
Always make the best condition for everybody!

High Pressure, High Quality, Low Weight

Advanced Material Systems, founded in 2006, is a leading designer and manufacturer of composite products based in Taiwan. The company focuses on the design and mass production of composite pressure cylinders for a variety of usages. Products will vary from relatively low cost aluminum cylinders for paintball to high-end hydrogen tanks for fuel-cell applications. The strength of the company is in combining a strong R&D knowledge with extensive experience in mass production.

In-House Quality Management

AMS' first product range consists of high pressure Type, I, Type II and Type III cylinders. The company is renowned for its engineering excellence. It currently has 18 engineers on staff, many with a PhD or with Engineering degrees from the top universities in the world. Many have tens of years of composite experience in fields such as Structural Engineering or high precession sports equipment.

An Unique Engineering Approach

Cross-functional teams, combining product and manufacturing engineers work together from the outset in developing new products. Thus safety, quality and efficiency are build into each product right from the start. This method ensures that each product is of the highest quality, the lowest weight and offers the best value. With quality being essential all manufacturing steps and critical processes are performed in-house in our own factory. This approach offers total quality control and allows AMS to deliver quickly and on time.

AMS Benefits

  • USA/DOT , CANADA/TC and EUROPE/TPED certified products
  • Quality designed into each and every product
  • In-house manufacturing means reliable shipments
  • Automated manufacturing means best value
  • Short lead times